Laundry Pick Up Brooklyn With Laundry King In 2021

Laundry Pick Up Brooklyn

Free Pick Up and Delivery Laundry Service

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Let us do the dirty work

Tired of carrying heavy bags or waiting in a laundromat? Check out our laundry pick up Brooklyn. You can now enjoy the benefits of free pick up and delivery laundry and dry cleaning services for the BEST PRICES IN TOWN
Serving Brooklyn
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laundry pick up Brooklyn
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Laundry pick up Brooklyn

Let Laundry King do the dirty work for you. We provide hassle-free pickup and delivery laundry services in the Brooklyn area. 

The Best Option for Your Cleaning Needs

Tired of carrying your heavy laundry bags from your apartment to an overcrowded laundromat? And then once you get there, every machine is being used?

Heading into a laundromat can be a hassle, especially if you have a busy schedule. Don’t waste precious time waiting in a laundromat. Let Laundry King provide you with full-service laundering services. 

Download the Laundry King Mobile App

To take full advantage of Laundry King’s services, download the mobile app on iOS or Android devices to get pick up and delivery you deserve. You can choose if you need your clothes washed and folded, dry cleaned, or washed and pressed. Select your preferences, like whether you prefer free or premium detergent, or if you want fabric softener used. 

Book your pick-up and delivery date and time and Laundry King will pick-up your laundry for free. Our delivery services are touchless, ensuring your safety and minimizing contact with other people. All of our washers and other equipment are sanitized before each load, ensuring our services are 100% safe. Laundry King also uses anti-virus detergent and packs your clean clothes in plastic bags. 

All of Laundry King’s in-house employees strictly follow the anti-virus procedures recommended by the CDC and their temperatures are taken daily. 

How Does the Laundry Pick-Up Service in Brooklyn Work?

Step One: After you download the mobile app, pick what service you want (dry cleaning, clean and fold, etc.).

Step Two: Select your preferences for detergent, fabric softener, dry temperature, and other laundering add-ons.

Step Three: Input your pickup address and pick your preferred date and time for pick-up.

Step Four: Select where your order will be located, like your building’s lobby, curbside, or at your front door.

Step Five: Review before confirming your order. 

Step Six: We’ll let you know when your order is ready so you can pick your preferred delivery time and location. 

You can reschedule or cancel any future orders if your schedule changes. Laundry King caters to your every need, making our laundry services easy and accessible. 

Referral Program 

If you want more bonuses and discounts, share your referral link with your friends and neighbors. After you register your profile in the Laundry King app, you’ll receive a $10 credit. For every order over $100, you’ll receive an additional $5 credit. If one of your friends that you referred places an order, you’ll both receive a $10 credit. 

Start using the Laundry King mobile app today for your laundry services needs. 

Schedule Your Free Pick-Up and Delivery Laundry Services Today

If you’re in the Brooklyn area, there’s no need for you to waste your time hanging out in a Brooklyn laundromat. Let Laundry King handle the cleaning and folding of your clothes with our laundry pick up Brooklyn

Have high-quality shirts that need special care? No problem. Laundry King has professional dry-cleaning services, including pressing. 

Enjoy the freedom and convenience of Laundry King. Save time and download the mobile app in the iOS or Google Play stores today. 

Wash & Fold
dry cleaning
Wash & Press Shirts

Delivery dry cleaning Pricing

Laundry King Dry Cleaning Pants$4.50
Laundry King Dry Cleaning Skirt$4.50& up
Laundry King Dry Cleaning Shirt/Blouse$4.50
Laundry King Dry Cleaning Sweater$5.00
Laundry King Dry CleaningBlazer$7.00
Laundry King Dry Cleaning Dress$10.00& up
Laundry King Dry CleaningSuit$11.00
Laundry King Dry Cleaning COAT $14.00& up
Laundry King Dry Cleaning Jacket Down$19.00& up
Laundry King Dry Cleaning Footwear$35.00& up
Laundry King Dry Cleaning Rug$36.00& up
Laundry King Dry Cleaning Leather, Suede, Fur$45.00& up

Delivery Wash & Press Shirts Pricing

Laundry King Dry Cleaning Shirt on Hanger  
Laundry King Dry Cleaning Shirt in Box 

Wash & Fold Pricing

Laundry King Wash and Fold Near Me Wash & Fold
Laundry King Wash and Fold Near Me Blanket
Laundry King Wash and Fold Near Me Pillow

Do you want more bonuses and discounts?

Send a referral link to your neighbors and receive these great perks.

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  • Register in the Laundry King app and receive a $10 dollar credit.
  • For every order of $100+ you will receive a $5 credit bonus.
  • Refer someone and once they place an order both you and the person you referred get a $10 dollar credit to their account.

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Are you tired of carrying heavy bags or waiting in a laundromat? With the Laundry King App , you can choose the service you need through your smartphone and we’ll do the rest!
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