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Laundry Service Brooklyn

Laundry Service Brooklyn. Head over to Laundry King Brooklyn to do your own laundry in one of our state-of-the-art machines. 

Do Your Own Laundry

Laundry King is the perfect laundromat for you to do your own laundry. We have a large number of state-of-the-art machines that ensure you will not only have an available machine but one that will clean your clothes well.  Don’t have time to do your own laundry? Check out our laundry pick up Brooklyn

We also have many different types of machines and products that ensure you can fit your needs as well as budget. 

Additionally, we have many amenities that make waiting easier such as free high speed Wi-Fi, big screen TV’s, comfortable waiting areas, and more. 

With free parking, and knowledgeable and helpful staff, Laundry King has everything you need to ensure that your self-service laundry experience is perfect.

Laundry King has everything you need for self-service laundry, from high-quality machines to endless amenities.

No matter what your needs are, we have different types of machines and products that fit your budget. 

Don’t dread heading into the laundromat any longer. Come into Laundry King for your cleaning needs. 

Full-Service Laundry 

Laundry King has two convenient locations that are open 24/7 with free parking and countless amenities. Each location has a large number of machines that ensure you’ll not only find an available machine but one that cleans your clothes effectively. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is available on-site to help answer your questions and assist you in any way, ensuring your self-serve laundry experience is seamless and easy. 

You’ll find everything you need in one of our locations, so you won’t have to run out to the store to grab detergent or a snack while you wait. 

Available Amenities

Laundry King features four different washer sizes, guaranteeing you find the right size you need. Choose from small, medium, large, or extra-large. If you forgot your soap at home, no problem! We have soap vending machines with a variety of choices. 

Each location also has free high-speed WiFi and big-screen TVs. If you get hungry, don’t worry about having to run to the corner store to grab something to eat. We also have snack and soda vending machines for your convenience. Our locations have comfortable waiting and lunch areas for you to hang out in. There are also security cameras in each location, guaranteeing you and your belongings are safe. 

Come in for Self-Service Laundry Today

Laundry King has everything you need for laundry service Brooklyn in Brooklyn. Head into our location on Neptune or 4th Avenue today. 

24/7 Laundromat
Free parking

We've got everything you need

  • 24/7
  • Free parking
  • State-of-the-art washers and dryers
  • Four different washer sizes
  • Soap vending machines
  • Friendly and knowledgeable on-site staff
  • Free high speed Wi-Fi
  • Big screen TV’s
  • Snack and soda vending machines
  • Designated waiting and lunch areas
  • Security cameras

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