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Pickup and Delivery Services In Brighton Beach

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If you are looking for the best laundry pickup and delivery service in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, your #1 choice is always Laundry King. Instead of waiting in a laundromat or carrying heavy bags around, choose the simpler option! Best of all, our pick-up and delivery services are free when you choose the Laundry King for your laundry and dry cleaning service needs.

Hassle-Free Laundry Services in Brighton Beach

In our busy lives, it can be difficult to find the time to do laundry runs. Carrying your heavy laundry bags to a laundromat, waiting for your clothes to wash and dry, having to fold them neatly, bundling everything back up together and returning home—who has time for it? Thanks to the Laundry King, now there is a better way.

Rather than wasting precious time waiting in a laundromat—simply download the Laundry King mobile app on Google Play or the App Store and schedule your free pick up and delivery services today. We’ll take care of everything and you’ll love our affordable rates, too.

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Schedule Your Free Pick Up and Delivery Laundry Service Today

If you are living in Brighton Beach, let the Laundry King take the hassle out of washing, drying and folding your clothes. Our Laundromat, Dry Cleaning, and wash-and-fold drop-off services are the best in Brighton Beach. Simply download the app today and follow the easy steps!


For same day pickups, simply use the Call Us button to make arrangements.

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Laundry Pick Up Brighton Beach

Free Pick Up and Delivery Laundry Service

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Let us do the dirty work

Tired of carrying heavy bags or waiting in a laundromat? Check out our laundry pick up Brooklyn. You can now enjoy the benefits of free pick up and delivery laundry and dry cleaning services for the BEST PRICES IN TOWN
Serving Brooklyn
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Laundromat Laundry King Pick Up
Wash & Fold
dry cleaning
Wash & Press Shirts

Delivery dry cleaning Pricing

Laundry King Dry Cleaning Pants$4.50
Laundry King Dry Cleaning Skirt$4.50& up
Laundry King Dry Cleaning Shirt/Blouse$4.50
Laundry King Dry Cleaning Sweater$5.00
Laundry King Dry CleaningBlazer$7.00
Laundry King Dry Cleaning Dress$10.00& up
Laundry King Dry CleaningSuit$11.00
Laundry King Dry Cleaning COAT $14.00& up
Laundry King Dry Cleaning Jacket Down$19.00& up
Laundry King Dry Cleaning Footwear$35.00& up
Laundry King Dry Cleaning Rug$36.00& up
Laundry King Dry Cleaning Leather, Suede, Fur$45.00& up

Delivery Wash & Press Shirts Pricing

Laundry King Dry Cleaning Shirt on Hanger  
Laundry King Dry Cleaning Shirt in Box 

Wash & Fold Pricing

Laundry King Wash and Fold Near Me Wash & Fold
Laundry King Wash and Fold Near Me Blanket
Laundry King Wash and Fold Near Me Pillow

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Are you tired of carrying heavy bags or waiting in a laundromat? With the Laundry King App , you can choose the service you need through your smartphone and we’ll do the rest!
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