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With the best laundry pick up and delivery in Brooklyn on your side, you’ll never have to worry about laundry again.

We all get to that point in our lives when we run out of clothes to wear. Life got rich and you simply didn’t have the time to do your laundry, and it piled up higher and higher while your closet got empty. In this article, we’ll show how to get your life started again with clean laundry, and how to make sure your laundry is done professionally and on time.

What is Laundry pick up and Delivery in Brooklyn

This sounds really easy and basic until your knitted sweater stretches out and becomes shapeless because you used warm water instead of cold water. Or someone in the office points out to you an embarrassing stain that you missed as you washed. Washing requires attention and care for details, which tend to get ignored when you’re tired.

Different fabrics require different drying methods. Not everybody has enough space to layout clothes that are supposed to be dried flat. With Laundry King Laundromat and laundry pick up and delivery in Brooklyn, you don’t have to worry about your best clothes getting damaged because you didn’t dry them properly. We’ve got you covered.

Wash and Fold laundry just isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, and you can watch in horror as your clean laundry piles up into a mountain of clothes waiting to be folded. Our professional staff has been folding laundry for years, and all you’ll have to do after it’s delivered is to put it away.

Your laundry will come back as clean and as intact as it was when you first bought it.

Wash and Press your Laundry


One of the worst nightmares of any professional is going to work with a wrinkled outfit. Sometimes there just isn’t enough time – either you press the shirt and arrive late, or you don’t press it, arrive on time, but look shabby the whole day. Not a very good pair of options is it? The better option would be to send your shirts to the best free laundry pick up and delivery in Brooklyn and have them thoroughly cleaned and pressed to perfection. You’ll never worry about wrinkled shirts again.

Dry Cleaning Services

Some fabrics get damaged when they come into contact with water. They either shrink, stretch or wrinkle. This is where dry cleaning comes in. Dry cleaning simply means cleaning laundry using a solvent that, unlike water, doesn’t penetrate into the fabric and cause it to get wet. Hence the slightly misleading term – dry clean. This is because the solvent used only works on the surface of the clothes, taking the dirt out while keeping the fabric dry. Items made of silk, wool, and knitwear, in general, are best dry cleaned to preserve them well.

Clothes are not the only items made of fabric in a household. Rugs, carpets, shoes, and other items also get dirty and need cleaning. Laundry King Laundromat takes good care of these as well and brings them back fresh and clean.

Laundry Pickup Services

Sometimes you don’t even have the time to take your laundry to the laundromat. This shouldn’t be a problem. The Laundry King mobile app is the tech version of the “Laundromat near me”. With it, you can schedule a pick-up time that’s convenient for you, and we’ll collect it at the time and place you specify. What’s more, you get a $10 bonus off with your first order using the app.

Laundry Drop-off Services

If you don’t have time to drop your clothes at the laundromat, chances are you don’t have time to pick them up either. Using the Laundry King mobile app, you can schedule a convenient drop-off place and time, and you’ll get your laundry as specified. With services available via a convenient and user-friendly mobile app, doing laundry has never been easier.

Confirm Everything

What if the outfit you were gonna wear for that important office event got accidentally delivered to the wrong location and you don’t have a plan B? Nobody needs this kind of drama in their life. To avoid this, you get a chance to confirm all your instructions before paying for laundry services. That also includes the instructions on how to launder the clothes. Just in case. That way, you won’t wake up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night because you’ve realized you indicated “bleach” instead of “no bleach” for your silk blouse!

Why Use a Professional Laundry Services Anyway?

A lot of people do their own laundry and don’t see why they need to use professional laundry services. Well, if you can manage all your laundry in addition to family, career, and everything else life has to offer, that’s great! However, because laundry is a whole job in itself, something always tends to go wrong. Here are some reasons why professional laundry services have an edge over do-it-yourself laundry.

Saves Time

Doing laundry well actually takes up a lot of time. Think about it. You have to sort the clothes out into different colors so you can wash them separately. You have to pay particular attention to specific areas that get dirty more, like armpits, pants legs, collars, and cuffs. Otherwise, you’ll have patchy clothes. Sometimes care labels are indecipherable to non-professional eyes, and a wrong interpretation can cost you your favorite evening gown. After the laundry is done, it has to be pressed and folded before being kept away. This also requires diligent care.

All this requires time and a lot of effort, which you have very little of because of your professional work. Professional laundry services take this burden off of you as they have staff that is specially trained to do laundry well. Laundry is done faster because more people and sophisticated machines are working on your clothes.

The fact that you can schedule pick up and drop off points and specify how your laundry should be done all from your mobile phone saves you tons of time. With your laundry safe at the best laundry pick-up and delivery in Brooklyn, you can use your time to further your own professional interests, spend quality time with family, or enjoy a well-deserved rest.

More Convenient

Some things you just can’t do on your own. Cleaning mattresses, rugs, and carpets are not for the faint-hearted. It takes a lot of effort, care, and patience, because they have to be properly dry before being out back to prevent damp and mold forming. Because they have large customer bases, professional laundromats like Laundry King Laundromat have equipment that can handle large and heavy pieces of laundry better and faster. It just takes a whole load off your shoulders when you know that a professional is cleaning your cherished rugs and carpets, because they’ll come back thoroughly clean, dry, and fresh.

High Standards

At times, when it comes to laundry pick up and delivery in Brooklyn, we are our own worst enemies. Different stains require different kinds of treatment. Sometimes we end up using the wrong treatment, ruining the fabric or making it harder for the stain to come off. Other times, you’re just too tired to properly wash all areas of a garment and you miss out on an important stain. You might even use the wrong cleaning agent.

Certain cleaning agents can cause allergic reactions, and if you’re super sensitive, you might want to consider professional laundry services. With their large repertoire of cleaning agents, they are more likely to have detergents that won’t trigger your allergies. All you need to do is specify which agent to use when making your order.

When it comes to ironing and pressing clothes, the chances of burning a hole through your favorite shirt are reduced if you have your pressing done at the laundromat.

Some delicate fabrics may require settings that home machines don’t have. Because it’s their job, professional laundromats will take the time to find out the best treatment for your clothes to ensure the best results. Although you’ll spend more money with professional laundry services, your clothes will last longer and look better than if you had taken care of them yourself. In the long run, you’ll save more, as you won’t have to keep replacing damaged clothes!

Other Benefits

Professional laundry pick up and delivery in Brooklyn have incorporated technology into most of their operations, and you can often track the progress of your clothes. Using the Laundry King mobile app, you can also get a comprehensive report of how much you’ve spent. You can communicate in real-time with professional staff in case you forgot any important instructions. The fact that you can schedule laundry to pick up and drop off from the comfort of your home is a great advancement in professional laundry services.


Life comes with ever-increasing duties and responsibilities, and the busier we get, the more precious time becomes. Professional laundry services like Laundry King laundromat, with their laundry pick up and delivery in Brooklyn mobile app, make it possible to find time for the thing that really matters in life – resting with the family as we recharge to take on life.