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Get ready for the summer with Laundry King

Are you ready for the summer?

The warm weather is finally here, so it is time to put away your winter clothes and get your summer clothes out.

We will wash, dry clean, iron and wrap your warm items in plastic so that they can be stored conveniently until next winter season.
Your summer clothes got dusty and wrinkled? Let us get them back into top shape!

We handle any fabric including delicate ones, and we also can clean your down jackets, leather jackets, fur coats and footwear before you put them away until next winter season.


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P.S. At this difficult time it is crucial to wash and dry clean your clothes more often because viruses can stay on it up to 7 days. And we can help you with your laundry routine in no time.

You’ve got better things to do with your time than doing laundry!


Don’t put aside your laundry cleaning

full range of laundry & dry cleaning services

Hope you are taking good care of yourself! We all must stay home these days, but sooner or later we have to go to a local store to refill our supplies.

Do you know that washing your hands after returning from the street is not enough?
Coronavirus can stay on your clothes for up to 7 days.

We offer a full range of laundry & dry cleaning services with
touch-less pickup & delivery at the most affordable prices in NYC.

Make your first order right now and get $10 off. Have loads of clothes that require cleaning? We can handle that too. Make your big order for $100+ and get a pleasant discount.

Stay safe and we’ll take care of your laundry.